Important Reminders

We hope you are enjoying your summer. There are several important dates and reminders coming up:

• CCS and CTA have a COVID committee who have been diligently working this summer. They met last Monday, July 19th and are meeting again today, Monday, July 26. They are discussing the upcoming year guidelines.

July 30, 2021 will be the 3rd paycheck of the month. Any month with 3 paychecks, will always have one pay without insurance deductions. The July 30, 2021 paycheck will not have deductions.

• Reminder to anyone who has completed additional academic courses:
August 1st is the deadline to notify our Director of Human Resources, Dr. Thomas Oestreich, of any additional college or university course hours you have earned which would put you at BS+15, BS+30, MS, MS+15, MS+30, or ED. Salary increase due to these additional hours would take affect then after 2021-22 negotiations are complete (negotiations are scheduled to begin in September 2021) You also would need to provide your transcripts documenting these hours to Human Resources by October 1, 2021. Pictured below are the specifics in our contract:

• Formal negotiations for the 2021-2022 school year will begin September 1st. This is a date that is set by Indiana Law and cannot be altered by CCS or CTA. Rest assured your CTA negotiation team is preparing and will be ready. We will keep you updated as the process begins.

• There is a new workout program in town who is offering a discount to Educators. Physique 57 is located in Midtown and offering $10 drop in classes with no sign-up necessary. Click here for more details.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

CTA Executive Board

Covid Bonus

We have some exciting news for each of our CCS Teachers. This is another great example of what happens when Administration and CTA work together to benefit teachers.

The CCS School Board, CCS Leadership Team, and CTA are very excited to present this one-time COVID bonus to each of our outstanding teachers. Please check your CCS email for more details. Thank you for an incredible school year!

Enjoy your Summer!

Wow! You did it! Thanks for a terrific 2020-21 school year! You met and rose above so many challenges. You truly are the heroes to each and every student as you navigated this school year. We are very grateful for all of your support.  We are excited to continue great things next school year with you!

Now relax, recharge, and enjoy your…


COVID-19 Vaccine Educator Update

The State of Indiana has announced any individual age 50 and older is now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. Carmel Clay Schools, in conjunction with the Hamilton County Health Department, encourages you to make a vaccination appointment at your earliest opportunity. Appointments for those 50 and older, can be made by calling 2-1-1 or registering at 

K-12 Education Staff Update

Through a federal program, K-12 teachers including educational staff under the age of 50 are now eligible to receive the vaccine at limited locations only. Again, we encourage anyone 50 or older to use the above link for registration. There is very little information out right now and it may be extremely difficult to schedule an appointment for those under 50; however, we wanted to pass along what we know at this time.

It is our hope that our Carmel teachers and staff may sign up as soon as they are able. When registering, you will need to indicate that you are an education staff member and you should bring your CCS ID badge with you to your appointment.    Should we receive any additional information, we will pass it along as soon as we receive it. 

K-12 teachers including educational staff under the age of 50 are now eligible to receive the vaccine at the following locations ONLY:




Indiana extends COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to people 55 years and older

Please see more info below in the Indy Star article: