IU Leadership Cohort Forming

Noblesville Schools is offering an IU Educational Leadership Cohort in Noblesville for teachers interested in pursuing their principal’s license. Wally Bourke is leading the cohort.

They held a callout meeting and had 13 interested from various school systems. They are in need of 15 participants to run the cohort. IU Educational Leadership Brochure contains more information. The cohort meetings will be hosted at the Noblesville Educational Services Center.

Please contact Wally if you are interested in learning more information.

The deadline is April 1.



Retirement Workshops

retirement workshop

All CCS employees are invited to attend.
The workshops will be at ESC on the following days:
• February 19, 2019 at 10:30 am
• February 20, 2019 at 4:00 pm

The following topics will be reviewed:
• Overview of plan options
• Retirement budget information
• Working after retirement information
• Answers to your retirement questions

Contact Sandy Bierer if you have questions.

Literacy Program Evaluation Committee

CTA members,

The CTA is seeking volunteers to serve as additional members of the K-12 Literacy Program Evaluation Committee.

The purpose of the committee is to conduct a formal program evaluation of the K-12 literacy program in Carmel Clay Schools.  The work of the committee will include:

  • Conduct a formal review of current research, policy and standards that inform best practices in K-12 literacy instruction.
  • Collect, analyze and synthesize data to determine the current state of the literacy program in Carmel Clay Schools.
  • Develop recommendations and action plan that will guide next steps for the K-12 literacy program and textbook adoption.

The committee will meet four, half-day sessions between January and May of 2019.

Please see the email Jill Grimes sent Monday, Dec 3rd to get the link to indicate your interest in volunteering.  Sign up by Thursday, Dec 6 at 3:30pm. If you have any questions, please contact Jill Grimes.


Jill Grimes
CTA Membership Chair

Academic Credit Deadline

Reminder that December 1st is the deadline to notify Human Resources of any new Academic Credit that you have completed. You must report this by the deadline to receive any salary lane changes for the Spring Semester.

Below is excerpt of our contract which pertains to Academic Credit located in Article 5:


  1. The Director of Human Resources must be notified in writing of content-area additional college or university course hours by August 1 or December 1 of each calendar year. Movement on the salary table due to additional content-area academic credit or degrees beyond the requirements for employment will take effect at the beginning of the semester following notification if otherwise permitted by law.
  2. An official transcript of additional content-area course hours and degrees must be filed with the Director of Human Resources by October 1, following the August 1 notification, and February 1, following the December 1 notification.

Email Human Resources

School Start Times

Last year a discussion was began by our district regarding school start times.  Ideas were shared and possibilities varied from high school starting later and elementary schools starting earlier.  That discussion was halted in the spring.  The district is opening that discussion up again.  Below we have included articles from both perspectives.  CTA is working to help with the discussion by first helping to provide resources that both support and counter a later start time for high school.  Please see the articles below so that you can help to be informed with some of the findings that revolve around this important topic.  Then discuss this topic with your colleagues.  Ultimately, we also know that educators will be asked for feedback.   We want you to be honest and informed when you are giving your feedback.  As with any issue that has long-lasting and long-reaching implications, we encourage teachers to research all sides of the issue and make a decision based on that research.  The intent of this post is to provide various perspectives about the impact of altering the school day.


 Pro Later Start Time

Con Later Start Time

AMA Supports Delayed School Start Times to Improve Adolescent Wellness

‘Letting teenagers start late? Routine is something they have to learn
deal with it’

Examining the Impact of Later High School Start Times on the Health and Academic Performance of High School Students: A Multi-Site Study

Later school start time ‘not the solution’ for tired teens

Later school start times in the U.S.

Mathematicians predict delaying school start times won’t help sleep deprived teenagers

School Start Times for Adolescents

Parents, Educators: Later High School Start Times Yield Mixed Results

Most US middle and high schools start the school day too early

Early elementary school start times tougher on economically advantaged children

Meet Your CCS School Board Candidates

Thank you to all the CCS employees who attended today’s School Board Candidate Forum.  Thank you also to each of the seven candidates for sharing your goals and answering our questions.

We encourage everyone to get to know each candidate.  Please click on the image below to view today’s presentation that includes each candidate’s contact information as well as their campaign vision/goals.

CTA meet your SB candidates

We encourage everyone to vote on November 6, 2018, and to make informed choices in your voting.

Good luck to each of the seven candidates.